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Python / Jina / deep learning / CYbersecurity

IT Threat Detection using Neural Search

Developed a "deep-learning" cybersecurity dashboard with Jina and Streamlit that simulates network traffic monitoring for malicious events in real-time. IT Threat Detection uses similarity search as a basis for classification, rather than the output label of a neural network, by repurposing a pre-trained network as a feature extractor. The resultant 128-D embeddings are then made searchable via complex Flow topology and show dramatic performance improvements (precision/recall) over the original model in classifying malicious network traffic.

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Python / Jina / deep learning

Jina Tattoo Explorer

Image search engines allow one to make a dataset of images visually searchable. Jina Tattoo Explorer leverages the power of Jina, a framework which facilitates the creation of neural search applications, to build a multimodal search engine which allows users to search a collection of tattoo images by text and by image. Multimodal search lets you use one type of data to search another type of data (i.e., image-to-text or text-to-image search capability).

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Python / typer / SQlmodel


pyflyCLI is a command-line interface application built with Typer that allows you to view data about aircraft above your location. Application works by running a cron job every 30 minutes, pulling data from the FlightRadar 24 API. Once data about flights above your lat/lon coordinates is collected, pyflyCLI leverages Typer to display the data to the user in a clean and intuitive way. SQLModel, a library built specifically for use with FastAPI, was used to interact with a PostgreSQL database.

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Path-finding GUI application written in Python using PySimpleGUI. Toggle between Depth-First Search, Breadth-First Search, and A* algorithms...then sit back and watch as the path-finding process unfolds right before your eyes! This app serves as a learning tool to better understand the differences between stacks, queues, and priority queues and how each respective algorithm utilizes the features of each data structure in elegant ways to facilitate the path finding process.

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Python / plotly / Flask / Pandas / sQLAlalchemy / linux / nginx / uwsgi

Flask Plotly-Dash

Developed and deployed a full stack WSGI web application hosted on a virtual machine that leverages the power of both Flask and Plotly-Dash. Application utilizes Scrapy to aggregate hockey stats from a large database of over 10K+ players into a Plotly-Dash dashboard. Set up uWSGI and Nginx to serve this Flask application on Ubuntu 18.04.

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Python / Flask / opencv / sQLAlalchemy / html / css

Secret Message Encoder/Decoder (Steganography)

Showcases a cryptographic technique known as steganography which allows users to hide “secret” messages into images. Within this project, I successfully implemented an understanding of OpenCV to perform basic image processing tasks and applied Flask best practices by utilizing blueprints and factory patterns. This application provides users the capability to both encode and decode the secret messages. Security is taken into consideration with the use of CSRF tokens and validation is used in form fields.

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Python / Flask / SQLAlalchemy / html / css

Flask To-Do (CRUD) Application

This application solves a real world problem and demonstrates a practical implementation of the Flask framework. Using an intuitive user interface and convenient .CSV download feature, this application showcases an understanding of template inheritance, form data, redirects, database interaction, and forms. Users are able to create, read, update, and delete To-Dos. Flask-SQLAlchemy and its object relational mapper (ORM) are used to facilitate adding, editing, and querying of data from a SQLAlchemy database.

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